Vintage Crochet Gladiola Crown

I didn't have *any* matching accessories for a playsuit I just got, so clearly I had to remedy that! In the spirit of make do and mend during a pandemic, I checked my stash to see what I had in coordinating colors. No extra cost, no extra trips out!

The colors of the playsuit are a bit unique: light brown, white, teal, and a chartreusey-green that has faded to yellow in most places. Out of my stash, I had some yarns that would match these colors.

I decided to make a matching belt and headband set out of them; here are the details on how I made each of them:

The Belt
I found this vintage belt pattern and used the stitch pattern for the belt.  I did make some adjustments for the type of yarn I used, a Red Heart acrylic craft yarn. I experimented a bit, starting with fewer chain stitches to achieve the belt width I wanted, then crocheted the following rows as the pattern describes. (I also thought the ring motifs would be something fun to try on another project!)

For the closure, I crocheted a couple of loops on one end and sewed some mismatched yellow buttons on the other.

The Gladiola Crown
This part took more time and experimentation than the belt. For the headband, I used that same Red Heart craft yarn and the stitch pattern from the belt. Again, I adjusted the number of chain stitches at the beginning for a thin width and just crocheted until the length felt tight enough to be secure but still comfortable on my head. I then crocheted the ends together, and I placed this seam at the top of my head so it would eventually be hidden by flowers.

Below I have the pattern for the large gladiola flowers that make up the majority of the headband. I used craft yarn for the large yellow flowers and a fingering/sport yarn for the smaller flowers. There was no need to change the pattern for sizing; changing the hook and yarn size changed the flower size. I ended up making three large yellow and three smaller white gladiolas.

free 1950 crochet flower pattern

In the center of these gladiolas I added a teal ball, and I made it by crocheting a ring of single crochet stitches and then just adding more single crochets in various directions to pull it into a ball shape. (Ha, does that make any sense?!)

They're not as easy to see, but I also added gray and brown pansies along the edges of the headband for more color and volume. (It's easy to find patterns for this simple flower with a quick google/pinterest search!)

After crocheting everything, I assembled the flowers and sewed them on to the headband, being mindful to place the flowers where they would look good when the headband is a bit stretched when worn. The petals of the flowers curl a bit, so I ironed them a bit flatter when I was done. 

If you use the patterns to make something, I'd love to see it!


  1. You are sooo smart!! I can't crochet but I love seeing what others do from vintage patterns and I think this project is perfect. It's a beautiful dress (very unique colours indeed) and now you have the perfect accessories for it!! Great job!!

  2. That looks so lovely!!! I love the unique colors of the play suit and the way you matched them in the headband!
    You definitely have a talent for creating!!!