1940s Maternity Style Video

Every once in a very great while, I make a video and upload it to Youtube. (Ha!) 

The one I just uploaded is featuring a maternity outfit I wore this weekend! It's made of true vintage, reproduction, and me-made garments.  It's RIDICULOUSLY comfortable and is going to be perfect when it gets hot this summer.

Give it a watch and let me know what you think!

(Or watch it on Youtube here!)


  1. Fabulous! You look so stylish, and very much yourself, as well as comfy. Those trousers are really clever. I love the Egyptian touches, too.

  2. Those trousers are such a clever design, I'm impressed! You look beautiful. x

  3. Woah, I'm blown away by those maternity pants! I was always puzzled about how designers back in the 40s would design maternity pants without elastic. Your outfit is so classy, absolutely love it.

    1. I was too! So interesting to see the different ways they made things adjustable without elastic or stretch fabrics.
      And thank you!