Navy Suit & New Sweater

Flashback Summer: Navy Blue 1940s suit and handmade sweater

You may notice a pattern in my pictures for my last few posts and the next few: taupe siding and wooden fences.  Well... That's because it's frigid here and I'm venturing only just outside my apartment for photos then hurrying back inside to warmth. Both of these backgrounds happen to be around my building, haha!

So today... taupe siding and my outfit of the day! I recently started working in an office again, so I've been bringing out my nicer day wear again.  My absolute favorite piece in my closet now is this 1940s navy blue suit.  Since I've bulked up a bit, it actually fits better now, which was a very pleasant surprise amidst the rest of my wardrobe suddenly becoming too small. 

Flashback Summer: Navy Blue 1940s suit and handmade sweater
I paired it with my hand-knitted sweater I just finished and a vintage silk scarf.  I look a bit like a flight attendant, but I also felt fabulous and a twinge French so I don't care. 

Flashback Summer: Navy Blue 1940s suit and handmade sweater

Flashback Summer: Navy Blue 1940s suit and handmade sweater

I also got these black loafer's recently, and they're also quickly becoming a staple.  They're from Clark's, so they're super comfortable.  That's why I'm wearing them, because otherwise I wouldn't wear black shoes with a navy suit.  But sometimes comfort just has to come first (like when it's icy out and I need to walk a bunch throughout the day). If I could get my hands on some navy and brown ones my wardrobe would be SET!

Flashback Summer: Navy Blue 1940s suit and handmade sweater

Flashback Summer: Navy Blue 1940s suit and handmade sweater

What are your "comfy shoes" that you wear all the time?  Are there any comfortable, retro-appropriate shoes you'd recommend?  (Bonus points if they happen to go down to a size 5US for me!)  Or, what is your favorite piece in your wardrobe right now?


  1. Emileigh, That looks wonderful! I love your style! Solid colors and clean lines are so classic and timeless!
    I have a navy suit from the 50's that I found for $4, but it would need to be re-dyed and the skirt would need to be altered. Your sewing and knitting skills inspire me, and I would love to improve! I finished mending holes in a pair of running shoes just now, but I have quite a lot to learn.

    I have been reading your blog for quite a long time now, but I have never commented. You are one of my favorite style inspirations, you have a perfect blend of simplicity and detail! Your favorite decades and silhouettes are the same as mine, and you have such wonderful taste! I'm still in school, and I have to wear uniform, but you make wearing vintage everyday approachable and functional as well as beautiful. I love the multicultural aspects of the blog and how real and personal it is. You are such a role model and I was so delighted when I learned that you were a Christian! It is so encouraging for me to see young women online follow and love Jesus and live in ways that honor God! Thank you for everything!

    1. Wow, what an encouraging comment! 😀 Thanks for all your kind words and support of the blog! Good for you on improving your skills. “Vintage style skills” are such a journey and take time to develop.
      I’d love to hear from you more! Feel free to comment more or contact me on any social media platform. I’d love to hear of your crafting victories too! ❤️

  2. I truly love your style! And thanks to you, I am now really into navy and red as a colorcombo..<3
    To answer your questions, I haven't found that perfect pair of comfy shoes that fits my style, but I have lots of pretty shoes, haha. I just wish they were more comfortable.

    My favorite thing in my wardrobe right now is probably my Heyday clothing! dress with pensel strokes... even though I can't wear it now, since it's too cold, but everyday I think about it! It fits perfectly and is so light and comfy.
    If it should be things I wear, it must be my Emmy design Sweden cardigan (The siren screen cardigan) even though it's a bit small to me, after washing it wrong, haha. But it's so warm and soft and I love it's shoulders.
    And last but not least, if it should be a true vintage item, I have to go with my pretol'ish'-colored dress from the 1940's. It has some sort of embroidery on the stomach and a wonderful collar!

    I also really want to tell you that you are a huge inspiration to me and my style..<3 So thank you for this blog.

  3. I love how your sweater turned out- and it works so well with this navy suit. You look very authentic in this outfit- if it was a black and white photo, I would think it was a real vintage picture!