DIY Holiday Brooches {with Free Template!}

There's nothing like a brooch to turn an everyday outfit into a holiday outfit!  The simple addition of a themed brooch can turn a green dress into a Christmas dress or a navy suit into a festive Channukah ensemble!

If you're like me, you're still adding to your holiday looks as December continues.  This tutorial is for some brooches that you can make at home.  Use them to dress up your own looks, or wrap them and gift them to others in your life.

I have templates for three brooches: Christmas bells, Kwanzaa candles, and a Channukah dreidel.  However, the Kwanzaa candle template is quite versatile.  Color it in red, green, and black for Kwanzaa.  You could also color the candles red and/or green for Christmas, or even blue for Channukah.  (Or if you just want another color, pick one!  It's YOUR brooch to customize!)

You can download a template for all three of these brooches here.  When baked, the brooches will shrink down to 1 1/2"-2" tall.

You'll need:
- permanent markers (or follow the instructions on the Shrinky Dink package for other types of coloring utensil)
- brooch/pin backs, Shrinky Dink paper (I used Bright White, but you can use any kind you like)
- strong glue
- Not pictured, items for baking: parchment paper, baking sheet, oven

1. After downloading and printing the template, trace your design onto a sheet of Shrinky Dink paper.  Color it in with whatever color scheme you want!

2. Preheat the oven as the instructions on the Shrinky Dink package say. Lay parchment paper on a baking sheet.  Cut out your brooches and lay them color side up on the baking sheet, making sure they don't touch.

3. Bake them according to the Shrinky Dink instructions.

4. Let them cool.  Glue on a pin back.

5. Enjoy your new holiday brooch!

I also noticed that the colors of the marker ink changed a bit after baking.  I made a little color reference guide to help you in picking your colors. (This is after 3 1/2 minutes of baking.)  Many colors seem to darken to almost black after baking.

If you try out making your own brooch, I'd LOVE to see it!!!  Please tag me or link to it in the comments below!

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