Vintage Military Ball Outfit

As some of you may have seen on Instagram, Jacob and I went to a military ball last week! As you may also have seen in Instagram... I posted about it on the blog Jacob and I co-author, Lead With the Left. 

I wanted to take the chance to point you guys over there if you'd like to learn about a part of my life that is becoming increasingly important: the military!  My husband is in the Air Force and I was JUST accepted as an officer myself, so we started a blog to record our journey through military life and to gather the wisdom we've heard from others along the way.  If that sounds like something you'd find interesting, you can find us on social media here:

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Of course, I'll still be blogging here, too!  No worries there!

Here are some extra outfit details I knew you vintage wearers would especially love:


  1. What a beautiful dress!
    I have that same belt ;)

    1. Ha, no way! It was literally the ONLY navy blue waist belt I could find at our local mall at the time. But it turned out to be a good one I wear a lot!

    2. That belt is seriously awesome. Where did you two find it?

      Incredible patriotic outfit, Emileigh! The details on that dress are so gorgeous.

  2. Amanda, I think I got it at Charming Charlie's or some mall store.

  3. OMG!...I am gushing over you and Jacob. You two look great together and I love the brooch.

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