"Best Dressed" and First Runway Experience

Flashback Summer: Emileigh Rogers at 2018 417 Fashionation
I was very privileged to have won a local "Best Dressed" award in our local 417 Magazine.  As perks of being one of seven chosen, I was featured in the April issue of the magazine, and a full interview was included on the website.  Such an honor, and I was proud to represent vintage fashion! (Picture credit)

The other part of winning is that I participated in the annual Fashionation fashion show in town.  It's a pretty big event in my area, and a few hundred people usually attend.  The Best Dressed people walked the runway at the end, and I was second to last in the whole show.  

Flashback Summer: Emileigh Rogers at 2018 417 Fashionation

I'll admit... It was a bit nerve-wracking.  As a pastor, I do a lot of public speaking, but I don't do a lot of public.... walking, haha!  My two goals were not to trip and to have fun, and I'm glad to say I accomplished those!

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  1. Congrats! I'm not surprised you got best dressed! Very exciting :)

  2. That looks like so much fun. Congratulations on winning "best dressed"!
    The Artyologist

  3. Well, that's totally exciting and very much deserved! You look marvelous as usual and WOW!! To see your name up there all giant and awesome like!! Brava!!

  4. Congrats! This sounds absolutely wonderful!