1930s Bonnie

This morning I rewatched the History Channel miniseries version of "Bonnie & Clyde" that is currently on Netflix.  I really love this version!  I think it captures the story of these criminal lovers well, not to mention including fabulous 30s fashions!

I was inspired by Bonnie's edge when putting this outfit together.  While it isn't a copy of any of Bonnie's looks, I gave a 1930s look a modern feel of edge by pairing it with my beloved leather jacket and a black velvet hat.

These trousers are also a recent make! I wanted some nice slacks that are good to pair with heels, so I made these Smooth Sailing trousers out of a dark wash denim.  While I topstitched a couple seams for durability, the Smooth Sailing pattern with its side zip and cuffs really has more of a trouser feel than jeans.  This makes them perfect for the coffee meetings and business casual events I'm starting to go to more often because of my work as a pastor.

Of course, by the time I took these photos I had sat through a couple such meetings for a few hours, so they're a bit wrinkled.  But that crease I ironed in down the front was still going strong!

In case you want to try making these trousers for yourself, just a sizing note:
I have a 24" waist and 35" hips, and the smallest size was perfect right out of the envelope.  I'm also 5' tall, and all I did to the pattern was shorten it by an inch.  This makes it just the right length for me to wear with 2"+ heels.

If you want more details about this pattern, I was quite thorough in this post!

Outfit details
sweater: Corticelli, made by me
jeans: made by me, Smooth Sailing Wearing History pattern
leather jacket: sorry, can't remember!
heels: Payless (several years old)
1930s velvet hat: OLL


  1. This definitely looks like something Bonnie would wear. Love it!

  2. This is such a great outfit! Those trousers turned out really nicely made out of denim too.
    The Artyologist

  3. You look fantastic! I'm a sucker for a great sweater, and it looks perfectly 30s with those fabulous pants and the beret. I definitely see the Bonnie influence there, and it works so well on you.
    Zella Maybe

  4. You look fabulous. I especially love the velvet beret and looked with interest at the bottom of your blog to see where you got it. I'm afraid OLL means nothing to me. Could you tell me if that is a brand, a site, or shorthand for "something I picked up in a vintage store and you'll never find"! Thanks.

    1. Ha, OLL stands for "Ooh La La," a vintage swap and sell group on Facebook. The velvet hat is a vintage one, but it shouldn't be hard to find a velvet hat like it.

    2. After a quick google search, I found this one: http://www.turbandiva.com/Black-Velvet-Beret-_p_686.html

      It's a more slouchy beret shape, but it would still work for a 1930s look!

  5. Love this outfit, and also your attitude in the photos :)