10 New Scarves to Add to Your Wardrobe

I've been having fun trying out new wrap styles with different shapes and sizes of scarves, but my go-to favorite is the giant square scarf.  It's super easy to turn into a vintage style wrap, and they're often made of light, breezy materials that are perfect for the warmer weather we're now experiencing in the Northern Hemisphere.

But let's move beyond the easy-to-find floral vintage ones and find some statement scarves, shall we?  Modern square scarves are in great condition, and you don't need to worry about them as much as you may vintage ones, especially the silk ones.  I also consider them special pieces that I, personally, would spend more money on than the vintage florals I typically thrift.  The vintage scarves we thrift now were once pricier, and I'd love to add unique, quality scarves to my collection that will last as long as those have!

Here are ten of my favorite modern square scarves that would be fantastic additions to a vintage look:

Flashback Summer: 10 New Scarves to Add to Your Wardrobe - J. Okuma

Plateau Florals Limited Edition Silk Scarf
J. Okuma - $200

Now, kids, this is what we call "wearable art," and it deserves the higher price tag.  The scarf is a print of beaded pieces made by the artist.  It's 100% silk satin and has the hand-rolled hems that we vintage lovers adore!

Flashback Summer: 10 New Scarves to Add to Your Wardrobe

Silk Tea Time Scarf
Smithsonian Museum Store - $40

Hello!  It's a TEA scarf!  Need I say much more?!  This 100% silk scarf has tea pots, flowers, and tea bags surrounding a Roman numeral clock with a definite vintage vibe.  I don't know about you, but I definitely love tea enough to wear it as an accessory.

Flashback Summer: 10 New Scarves to Add to Your Wardrobe - David Sloan, Beyond Buckskin
Diné Bizaad (Navajo Language) Colors Bandana
Beyond Buckskin - $15

This 20"x20" bandana features street art from Navajo artist David Sloan.  It has doodle-type drawings paired with corresponding Navajo words.  It's 100% cotton, comes in a lot of colors, and can add a fun edge to vintage looks.  (Can't you just see it tied Rosie style with overalls?!)

Flashback Summer: 10 New Scarves to Add to Your Wardrobe

Dehn Spring in Central Park Scarf
The Met Store - $55

It doesn't get better than this!  This silk crepe de chine scarf is a print of a 1941 watercolor by artist Adolf Dehn. It features iconic New York architecture and ladies in fantastic hats going for a stroll in Central Park.

Flashback Summer: 10 New Scarves to Add to Your Wardrobe - J. Okuma

Feathered Limited Edition Silk Scarf
J. Okuma - $200

This is another gorgeous wearable art piece.  Featuring eagle and flicker feathers surrounding a beaded motif, this 100% silk satin scarf would be an amazing, culturally-sensitive accessory that would go perfectly with vintage Western looks.  There are ways to wear feathered head coverings and support the Native community, and this is it!

Flashback Summer: 10 New Scarves to Add to Your Wardrobe - National Women's History Museum

NWHM Scarf
National Women's History Museum - $100

I include this scarf not as much for its aesthetic appeal (though some people like orange) as much as for the opportunity to be a part of something awesome. With a $100 donation to the creation of the National Women's History Museum, you'd be a part of establishing the first women's museum in any nation's capital. It's time our story was told, right ladies?!

Flashback Summer: 10 New Scarves to Add to Your Wardrobe - Shandra Smith

Shandra Smith Designer Scarf
Shandra Smith - $64

Smith offers several 36"x36" scarves in her shop, and her painterly style uses bold, bright colors in unique designs. This one was one of my favorites, and you have the option of choosing which fabric it is printed on.  Think of how many outfits this bright scarf could coordinate with!

Flashback Summer: 10 New Scarves to Add to Your Wardrobe - Hermes Ardmore

La Marche du Zambèze Scarf
Hermes - $395

Okay, so with a price tag like that, this one is mostly for drooling over and staring at online.  However, I thought it was especially awesome because it's part of a line of scarves formed out of a collaboration between Hermes and a South African art collective called Ardmore. The artists reinvent traditional styles, and scarves like this are the result! Pretty cool, huh? 

Flashback Summer: 10 New Scarves to Add to Your Wardrobe - Traveler's Eye Smithsonian

Traveler's Eye Silk Scarf
Smithsonian Museum Store - $60

This awesome print is made of vintage postcards included in The Traveler's Eye: Scenes from Asia exhibit.  It has handwriting, stamps, postage marks, and hand-tinted scenes found on the old postcards in the collection.  It's 100% silk and comes with a museum provenance card!

Flashback Summer: 10 New Scarves to Add to Your Wardrobe - B. Yellowtail

Women Warrior Ledger Scarf
B. Yellowtail - $145

This scarf commemorates a Shoshone warbonnet dance, the only time when females don the traditional warbonnet in Plains cultures. The print is a collaboration with Native artist John Pepion and honors the young leaders of their indigenous nations. It's 100% chiffon and is made in the U.S.A.!

So which one is your favorite?  If money were no object, which would you pick?  Do you have any other favorite modern scarf sources?

I have not been compensated for including any of these scarves.  I just thought they were awesome and wanted you to see!


  1. Emmileigh, I have been out and bought new headscarves after following all your posts about different headwrap styles!! I had only tiny ones that only stretched to making hairbands but I now have some larger ones to start experimenting with. One is a modern silk one in lovely colours, the others are vintage thrift finds. Thank you for all the inspiration x

  2. Exciting and very appealing selection. The tea and postcard themed ones - novelty print lover that I am - caught my eye in particular. Thank you for sharing each of these marvelous works of wearable art with us.

    Big hugs & happy Memorial Day long weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. Some incredible works of art. Is it weird that the roman numerals are calling to me even more than the tea? Head scarves for maths nerds - now there's a niche market!

    1. Haha, that's great! A niche market indeed!

  4. Wow these prints are lovely. I love it how you incorporate scarves into your daily wardrobe.

  5. Those are all so beautiful! I bought a bunch of tichels from Wrapunzel when they did a trunk show at the Modern Orthodox synagogue in my city last January, and they're all so beautiful. I have strong doubts I'll ever marry (and thus be obligated to cover my hair), but I still enjoy wrapping my hair under them when I'm at a non-Orthodox service, and using them as regular scarves on other days.