Clap for That Wrap: Fruit Wrap

My husband and I had a bit of a "treat yo'self" Valentine's Day, and it included eating dinner at a new swanky hotel in town called Hotel Vandivort.  I took these photos in the back corner of the hotel, and how cool is it?!  

Anyway, it's Clap for That Wrap Wednesday, so on to the head wrapping!  This wrap is very similar to my giant bow wrap, but instead of completing the bow, I just tie a knot and tuck the ends under in the front.  I left some pin curls out, and then I put some fruit on top!  I pondered it one day, tried it out in front of the mirror... and I love it!!!

These fruits came pinned on a 1970s blazer I bought, and I'm honestly not sure what they are.  They're not attached to a brooch back; I've just safety pinned them on.  Millinery bits perhaps?  Either way, the colors coordinate perfectly with this headscarf, and I love the summery fun they've added to this winter outfit!

When you try a head wrap, don't just limit your style to the scarf itself.  Add-ons such as fruit, flowers, brooches, and other bits and bobs can add some serious style!

Outfit details
blouse: handmade by me
skirt: made by me
scarf: thrifted
shoes: 1940s from OLL

Have you worn anything on your head wrap like fruit or flowers?  If you have a picture, please link to it below or tag it with the hashtag #FSwrapclap!  I'd LOOOOVE to see it!


  1. Looks like millinery fruit to me! I love how this looks, and you can never have too much millinery fruit :)

  2. That hotel looks amazing! I love when people take the time to make some interesting architecture.