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I honestly don't remember how I ran across it, but as I was researching stuff I found out about Native Max Magazine.  Intrigued, I bought a copy and decided to try it out.  And now I'm sharing my findings with you!  Native Max is a magazine made by and featuring First Nations (Native American and Canadian) peoples and culture.

Having never read the magazine before, I opted for the smaller size hard copy of the magazine and got it shipped to my house.  There are cheaper e-versions available, but I love having a real paper magazine with my hot beverage.  

After contacting Native Max via Twitter asking about prices (so I'd have up-to-date info to share with you guys in this post!), they said their print options are a bit expensive at the moment, admittedly, but they're hoping to find other printing options in the future to lower costs.

I really like Native Max magazine!  I love the fact that it supports native communities in the U.S. and Canada by using native models, photographers, writers, etc.  I also like that they advertise native artists and designers.  Although not vintage like many of us wear, their designs are undeniably twinged with tradition.  HOWEVER, I found a lot of pieces that could be incorporated into vintage wardrobes beautifully.  I think more of us should buy from these designers.  Many of us love Western and  Native American-inspired vintage pieces, but sometimes these pieces border on racism or, at the very least, stereotypical and inaccurate. By incorporating actual native pieces into our closets, we can get the looks we love and support the community that inspired them!  I'm on the search for some pieces for myself because supporting traditional cultures of all kinds is very important to me.  And also because COME ON, Native Americans and Canadians have come up with some really legit fashion items over the years.

Another aspect of Native Max that I appreciated was the insight into the lives of modern native peoples.  When so many of us base our knowledge of native cultures on Pocahontas and old movies… We could do with some accuracy!  The articles were positive, encouraging, and real all at once.  They acknowledged the hardships native people face but also showed examples of people that are successfully overcoming them.  As a white reader, I'm probably not the intended audience, but I appreciated the fact that I didn't feel blamed at the end of the articles; I felt inspired.  I wanted to help support and preserve such beautiful cultures full of strong people!  I think the magazine has done its job effectively!

Native Max currently has several themed issues out, and you can buy them here.  And Canadians, you may also be excited to know that a Native Max Canada edition will be starting soon, featuring exclusively Native Canadian cultures.  In each issue you'll find themed articles (there are women's, gentlemen's, sports, and California-themed issues so far) along with highlights of businesses and influential people within the native community.  The tone is casual, the pictures plentiful, and the magazine lots of fun!

Is this a magazine you think you'd be interested in reading?  What most intrigues you about Native American and Canadian cultures, fashion, or art?  Do you know of any native designers the rest of us should check out?

This post was not sponsored by Native Max in any way. I spent my own money, and this post reflects my own opinions!

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  1. Massively so! I have a profound respect and admiration for First Nations/Native American cultures and history, and have studied the topic a fair bit throughout my life. There are so many elements of it, and certain spiritual practises from this diverse culture, that speak to me at the deepest level. I would read this magazine in a heartbeat - and very much hope to now. Thank you for the lovely introduction to this stellar publication.

    ♥ Jessica