Hardy Rain Outfit

This has been such a rainy summer, and it can be a bit tricky to dress nicely while still being able to walk to work.  This day I also happened to only be able to find a janky umbrella that promptly inverted the first time a small breeze hit.  Thus, I walked home during a bit of a summer shower.  You know what's crazy?  I took these pictures right after I got home!  Hardy outfit, huh?  I was quite pleasantly surprised!

Also, I may or may not have borrowed this hairdo from the "Land Girls" first season... Which I just discovered on Netflix.  Needless to say... I'm on season two and don't plan on pausing yet.

Outfit Details
sweater and bandana: flea market
blouse: handmade by me
necklace: gifted
skirt: handmade
shoes: Payless kids


  1. Replies
    1. Aw, thank you Stephanie! (And I can't wait to see more vow renewal pics!)

  2. I really like the fabric you chose for your blouse :)

    1. Thank you! It was some really light quilting cotton (I think) that my grandma gave to me. I realized the print is quite 30s-40s, and I love the shirt all made up! It's ridiculously comfortable, although the fit is a bit baggier than I'd like.

  3. Quite the hardy outfit indeed!

    I understand the frustrations of having to walk to work too. Lately I've been selecting more and more casual outfits, especially because I never know if I'm going to be doing a lot of moving around too at work, as I sometimes redo some of our shop displays.

    Oh, Land Girls! I remember plowing through all of that, plus most of Bomb Girls when I went to Palm Springs last year. Such great casual attire inspiration!


  4. Great ensemble! I love the sweater details - and the blouse fabric too. And your hair - super cute! I would not look half as cute after a walk in humid rain. :)

  5. You are just so cute:) Hopefully you take this in a good way:) If I saw you trotting along, I'd certainly want to spark up a conversation with such a lovely dressed gal:)

  6. Wonderfully lovely outfit - cream + pink feels fresh and timeless in the same go, and makes me think of so many lovely summertime elements, such as strawberry shortcake and big, lush ronculus growing in the garden.

    ♥ Jessica