Sew For Victory 2014: My Projects!

With the Sew For Victory challenge from Lucky Lucille starting, I've gathered the supplies for two projects I hope to finish this round!  Both of them are things that I have been wanting to incorporate into my wardrobe for a long time:

Flashback Summer: Sew For Victory 2014 - My Projects! - Mail Order 3700 1940s suit, jacket and sundress

Mail Order 3700 Sundress and Jacket Suit
First up I have a pattern I recently bought for a special occasion coming up.  I'm not going to tell you what it is, but it's in May.  Hint hint.

I am going to use some brown fabric from my stash (I bought it from a thrift store, so I'm not sure what kind it is exactly.  I'm actually confused by it.  It's fairly thin, but opaque, and has texture and a fairly heavy drape.  Sort of like a heavy rayon feel, but I don't think it's rayon).  I also have these cute retro buttons that I think will make a nice statement detail on the outfit, for I'm going to make both the sundress and the long-sleeved version of the suit jacket.  I'm very surprised at how fabric-efficient this pattern is (huzzah 40s rationing!), and I'll let you know about all the details when I finish it!  

I'm really using this project as a wearable muslin for an upcoming version that is more important.  The patterns don't come with a lot of instructions and I haven't done any princess-seamed garments before, so hopefully it all turns out well!

Flashback Summer: Sew For Victory 2014 - My Projects! - Vogue 9384 1950s robe

Vogue 9384 Robe
Second, I had begun making this robe a few weeks ago, but I only put three pieces together.... so it's practically a new project.  I HATE getting out of bed in the morning and feeling chilly or having to wear a jacket inside my own house.  Thus, I thought a warm, cozy robe would solve this problem while also making me feel glamorous!  (I've always admired Scarlett O'Hara's robes from "Gone With the Wind" and thought I'd like to have a similarly glam one for my own!  Although, quote a bit simpler.  I'm not quite up to making one of these beauties yet!)

Flashback Summer: Sew For Victory 2014 - My Projects! - Scarlett O'Hara "Gone With the Wind" robe inspiration

Although this robe pattern is probably from the late 1940s (maybe early 1950s?) I'm going to make it more 40s-ish is by adding shoulder pads for a more defined shoulder.

I'm using a green panne velvet to create the full-length version.  I will be changing the sleeves a little bit and adding the shoulder pads, but otherwise I'm going to do everything according the the pattern.  I'm also going to line the thinner velvet with a gray flannel to make it cozier!

P.S.  I'm not sure what the Asian hat is about on the pattern cover.  "Why yes, of course I always wear this hat with my robe. Obviously they go together."  What is that about, 1940s?

So what about you guys?  Do you have your projects picked out and ready to go yet?  Have you posted about them somewhere?  If so, leave your link so I can go read the deets on your SFV goals this year!


  1. Two projects, how awesome! I can't wait to see how you progress. I'm going to try a blouse.

  2. Fantastic choices!!! I love that both are special items, practical, but far from ordinary and so very, very pretty!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Your projects look fantastic! Looking forward to seeing them finished :)

  4. I think the hat is a sunhat, and she is either wearing a swimsuit or a sunsuit under that terry robe. I remember terry robes for the beach or around the pool in the 60s.

    The other robe looks more housecoat like.

    I am really enjoying your blog and the great vintage fashions.