Cute or Crazy?

You know those times when you try something new with your wardrobe, and you stare in the mirror a few times that day trying to figure out whether it's new and innovative or just straight up weird?  This outfit has been one of those for me.

I found this image on Pinterest, and I based this scarf style on the snood diagram on the bottom left:

My scarf is quite a bit larger though, so it's a little different.

But what do you think?  I'm really torn.  Do you think it works as a fun accessory, or is it strange?  Does it even look vintage?  I'm divided.

(And I'm honestly asking for input, so don't worry about hurting my feelings!)

Outfit Details
earrings: Kenya
bangles: gifted
sweater: JC Penny?
jeans: made by me!
shoes: Target kids (last year)
belt: off a Kohl's dress
shirt: Wet Seal?


  1. I think it works but I might be tempted to find a different scarf. A smaller or lighter one might make it drape a bit more like in the picture. It has such a pretty pattern though :)

    1. I agree! This scarf is a bit too big and thick, I think, but I don't have a large square scarf as of yet. I'll have to keep my eye out for a light one and try it again!

  2. It's fabulous! I like the sense of volume and how it seems wider than the rest of the ensemble you partnered it with here (if that makes sense). I sometimes sport a similar style, especially in the summer, and just love it. Very 1940s meets the Caribbean (to me, at least) in a way! :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Well thank you! I do definitely get an islander feel as well (which is why I just had to pair some giant earrings with it to make it perfect!). And I do get what you're saying about width. It's like the old adage I just made up: The bigger the head scarf style, the smaller the rest of you looks! Ha.

  3. I think you've done it correctly, but I'm not sure it's an attractive style in the first place. Very authentic though!

    1. Yeah, it is a bit of a strange style. I'm going to have to work with it to see if I can get it to a more likable shape. Thanks for our input!