Guess This Vintage Gadget

A couple days ago I received a lovely Christmas package from my grandmother, and in a small box I found these lovely.... things (the claw-like clips attached to the purse).  I looked at them and had no idea what they are.  They're gold little clips with a fancy etching on them.  The hinge is pretty decorative, and they each have a small chain with a clasp on them.  My grandma had included a little answer paper for if I couldn't guess what they are.  Before letting you know, I'll let you ponder it...
(The answer is below all the outfit photos!)

And you know what else?  After I found out what they are, I showed them to Jacob.  I gave him two hints, that they are vintage and related to accessories.  He looked them over very carefully for a few minutes while I smugly smiled,thinking he couldn't possibly figure it out.  He isn't a vintage guy, so there was no way.  So I thought.

First try, he guessed it correctly.  Dang that boy.  He's like Sherlock Holmes with his crazy skills of deduction.

Also, my grandmother sent me the two orange and black bakelite bracelets and the orange earrings I'm wearing!  Aren't they amazing?  The orange bracelet has dragons carved into it as well, which I love.  I won't lie, there's just something about the tinkle of bakelite every time I've moved my arm today that I really like.  Hashtag vintage nerd.

Outfit Details:
sweater (minus one button... need. a. mending. day.): department store
tights: Kohl's
bakelite: gifted
hat: flea market (one of my first vintage hats!)
belt: resized by me
lucite bag: Relics
shoes: Payless kids
gloves: MJ's

And now for the answer..... (If you haven't guessed it already...)

They are little clips to hook onto your purse, and they hold your gloves!
How clever is that?  I know if I wore gloves more regularly, I'd be forgetting them all over the place.  Not with these clips I won't!

Did you guess correctly?!


  1. I've never seen those before but what a great idea!

  2. No, I didn't guess correct and YES they are so fabulous and practical. What a great find!

  3. So charming!!! I have a pair myself and use them fairly frequently, especially if I know I'm going to be slipping my gloves on and off often throughout the day.

    Wonderfully sophisticated, beautiful outfit, lovely gal.

    Big hugs (the first from my new computer :)),
    ♥ Jessica

  4. I was guessing sweater clips! lol! Amazing and beautiful!

  5. the purse is adorable! ...and i love the idea of the clips to hold the gloves. how great! love it.