An Egyptian Christmas

Cairo, 1941 
I have some exciting news to share with all of you!  For my Christmas break, Jacob and I will be visiting my parents and friends in Egypt!  I'm SO excited to go back and visit and to see how the country has changed since the revolution.  It's also Jacob's first time to see it, so I'm elated to show him a huge part of my world and who I am.  We're actually on our way right now!

(If you would like to see my tips on travel, check out my travel week series I posted previously:

Here I've included some old photos of places around Egypt for your enjoyment, especially places that I am going to see again, such as the Citadel and the Qasr Al-Nil Bridge (which is my favorite bridge, by the way).  I love looking at how some things are so different now, but other things, like donkey carts and village men in their galibiya robes, are exactly the same.  Time doesn't pass as quickly in some places as it does in the West, it seems.  And I love that.

That being said, the past couple days I have been packing, and now I'm on my way to Egypt!  I will try to post some pictures, stories, etc. while I'm over there, but of course internet and *coughelectricitycough* may be iffy.  So, if worst comes to worst, I shall share my adventures with you when I get back.

Just in case the latter option happens, have a great holiday season, everyone!  Spend time with your loved ones and ponder that deep stuff in life you may not always get to in other times of the year.  Enjoy yourselves and make memories!

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King Farouk and his sisters, 1930s
Egyptian village, 1885 
Qasr Al-Nil Bridge (my favorite bridge!) in Cairo, 1880s-90s.  I love the regal lions.
Tahrir Square, 1900s.  I think that building in the background is the National Museum, and if I'm correct... it's still there and look just like that!
Tourists in Egypt, 1907
Old Cairo in the 1870s with the Citadel in the top right corner


  1. Have fun! I've always wanted to go to Egypt!

  2. Amazing, I hope you have a really great time!

  3. How thoroughly marvelous!!! I really hope you both have a super safe, fun, awesome trip and holiday season.

    Tons of hugs from snowy Canada & the very merriest of Christmas wishes,
    ♥ Jessica