Thanksgiving Festivities!

It's 11 pm here, and the Thanksgiving festivities have finally wound down at my house!  It was a MUCH more sedate Thanksgiving than any other year we've had, but my family seemed perfectly alright with it.  This year was also different because my parents are staying in an apartment while they're here, so my mother didn't have her usual array of decoration options, a big kitchen, or a large table.  However, she did a great job (as usual) with adding all of her homey touches and making it beautiful!

It was also an especially sentimental day because it's the only time for at least the whole university careers of my sister and I that our whole (immediate) family will be in the same country for Thanksgiving.  Today we cooked our traditional foods, watched our traditional movies (though watching "White Christmas" without my cousin Ian mocking it the whole time was actually sad), and started the Christmas season off with decorating the tree.  It was refreshing to spend time with my family, and we had good times.

Flashback Summer:  Thanksgiving Festivities!

So here's a few snapshots, songs, etc. to give you a peek into the ambience of my house at Thanksgiving.  The only other thing you could add to make a truly in-depth experience would be to burn a "Merry Christmas" swirl Yankee candle when decorating the tree.  (My mom is very into seasonal scent-matching, haha. To this day that scent is immediate Christmas to me!)

"I've Got the Sun in the Morning" by Les Brown
"I've Got Plenty to Be Thankful For" by Bing Crosby.

Flashback Summer:  Thanksgiving Festivities!
Yes, my mother insisted we all do hand turkeys, despite the fact that my sister is the youngest... at 19 years old.  But it was fun.

Flashback Summer:  Thanksgiving Festivities!- Decorating the Christmas Tree

Flashback Summer:  Thanksgiving Festivities!- Fall decor

Flashback Summer:  Thanksgiving Festivities!- Fall decor

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  1. i sooo truly appreciate the handmade touches like turkey hands! haha! That's what makes holidays special. food looks delicious. music sounds like home :]