Easter Spring Dress 2017

Flashback Summer: Easter Spring Dress 2017

I'm finally posting about my dress I made for the Easter Spring Dress 2017 challenge!  I learned about it on Akram's Ideas, and I decided to do something different and share a video about it with you guys.  I'm not going to become a youtuber any time soon, but videos are definitely fun to make every once in a while!  Since a lot of info is in the video, I've posted just a few pics to give you a view of my Easter look this year.  If you have any other questions about the project, just comment below and I'll be glad to answer!

"Best Dressed" and First Runway Experience

Flashback Summer: Emileigh Rogers at 2018 417 Fashionation
I was very privileged to have won a local "Best Dressed" award in our local 417 Magazine.  As perks of being one of seven chosen, I was featured in the April issue of the magazine, and a full interview was included on the website.  Such an honor, and I was proud to represent vintage fashion! (Picture credit)

Sundress Season - Advance 5627

Flashback Summer: vintage 1950s sundress - Advance 5627 Harari fabric

I've been slowly revamping my wardrobe, and my goal the last few months was to make items largely out of my stash fabrics.  I don't have a HUGE stash, but it's definitely been motivating to use what I've got and go easy on the sewing budget in the meantime.  It's also been good to get me out of my comfort zone.  I have some fabrics, like the one I used for this dress, that aren't colors I typically wear or to which I am usually attracted.