Vintage Maternity Series - The 1960s

Ah, the 1960s! Finally, stretch fabrics started to make their way into maternity fashions, and pregnancy style has never really looked back. Just like the rest of the 60s, maternity fashion was fun and whimsical! Common embellishments included big buttons, bows, rhinestones, bright fabrics, and the like.

Just like with the crossover from the 1940s to the 1950s, maternity (and fashion in general) didn't abruptly change with the start of a new decade on the calendar. A lot of 1960s maternity fashions still feature a lot of volume, and as the decade goes on it slims down into the more columnar, empire-waisted pieces. (My reproduction outfit above from Mama's All That is very common to what you'd see in the late 50s-60s: a stretch panel skirt and roomy top with dramatic details!)

Here I’ve got a 1960s maternity pattern for trousers and shorts. As you can see, they actually look a lot like modern pregnancy garments! The stretchy fabric panel in the front is the same general design used on pretty much all maternity bottoms today, too. The silhouette is still consistent with trends of the time with a tapered, cigarette-pant line. Paired with ballet flats and big hair, you had a quintessential 1960s pregnant lady look!

Of course, other silhouettes were also worn, particularly dresses. In keeping with the trends, empire-waisted designs were popular and convenient for a pregnant belly. More movie stars were seen out and about while pregnant, often looking glamorous, a là Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. Plus, big hair balances out a big belly, right?!

A lot of maternity fashion features from the 1960s, like stretch waist panels and empire waist silhouettes, have remained popular even up until now. 

What other parts of 1960s maternity fashion or vintage garments have intrigued you?


  1. THAT'S what that pattern is! There's (or at least was) a copy of that kicking around in the free pattern box at the library, and I thought it was weird that it had a "yoke" like that.