Wonderful News!

So this is just a quick post to explain my social media and blog absence.... I'm pregnant!

This is my first pregnancy, so I've taken things easy and streamlined my daily activities so I can rest more.  (I've been REALLY tired!) With working full time and outgrowing a lot of my wardrobe, I haven't been out much on the weekends or had anything "bloggable" for the last few weeks. 

However... I'm about to start my second trimester and I'm slowly getting a bit more energy. I've order some fun maternity garments that I can't wait to share with you guys, too! I'll be sharing my outfits most consistently on Instagram under #FSmaternity, but I'll share more in-depth details for some of them here on the blog, as usual.

I'm looking forward to starting this new adventure!

P.S. Bonus photo of how the first trimester has gone: me in survival mode and Jacob being his excited, supportive self, ha!


  1. So very excited for you both! I have three boys and each child was, and is, the joy of my life! Prayers for an easy and enjoyable pregnancy-

  2. Congratulations!!! Such a wonderful surprise, and a huge blessing to you both. I can't wait for the adorable maternity outfits to come!