Snow Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of those things that I've always thought about but hadn't tried for myself until recently. I've had pretty naturally bright teeth, but as the years have gone by and my tea and coffee habit has grown, I've noticed that my teeth are starting to stain a bit. 

Turns out, the ladies of yesteryear were also concerned about that! 

So when I was offered a free Snow At-Home Teeth Whitening kit, I figured it was time to give teeth whitening a try and see what all the buzz is about.  I'll be honest... I read reviews on the Snow site that said it works fairly quickly, but I was skeptical.  I set out to try it for 20-30 minutes each day for 15 days to see if it would work for me.

The kit is quite fancy and includes teeth whitening serums, a lip balm, tooth color chart, and the whitening tray (which can plug into your PHONE to work, by the way! How cool is that?!). 

I tried taking before and after pictures, but my camera just wasn't picking up the colors correctly, so I marked my starting and finishing teeth colors on the handy dandy little chart that was included in the kit.  I started out at an 8, but by the end of the 15 days my teeth were already whitened to a 4! I was quite pleasantly surprised, particularly since I didn't change any of my coffee and tea habits at all.  The first photo in this post is a picture I took after the 15 days of trying out the kit, and I'm quite happy with how much brighter my smile is.

I didn't experience any teeth sensitivity or other symptoms during the whitening process, and I haven't had any since. My teeth are in fact whiter, and I've got plenty of whitening serum left.  I'll definitely be continuing to maintain the brightness and counteract all my tea and coffee drinking!

Have any of you heard of Snow Teeth Whitening or tried it out for yourself? Or are you like I was in that you've thought about whitening your teeth but haven't tried it yet?

This teeth whitening kit was provided to me c/o Snow Teeth Whitening, but all opinions are honest and my own. For more information on my review standards, check out my policy page.

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