Vintage Wearers Speak: Have you developed any new skills as a result of your interest in vintage style?

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Q: Have you developed any new skills as a result of your interest in vintage style?

I sure have! I started sewing clothing just a little bit by hand in late high school, and my interest in vintage came very soon after. This interest has hugely accelerated my sewing because I wanted to make all the things I couldn't find or afford! Then I tacked some other skills on to that... knitting, which then led to crocheting, embroidery, etc. These are great for making vintage garments and accessories and also help me embellish garments.
- Emileigh

Yes! My entire livelihood was born of my love for vintage and not being able to find enough of it! I've learned pattern drafting, honed my sewing skills and learned all aspects of business because of it!

- Debbie Yam, @happyyellowdress

I don't think I have learned any new ones, although blogging may fit, but since all of my "vintage" clothes are ones I have made myself or thrifted, I have been putting my sewing skills to good use! A large quantity of my personal sewing projects are for vintage style clothes! I am most proud of the silk taffeta ball gown I made for a 1940's swing dance.

- Sarah, Sew Characteristically You

No one ever taught me how to do make up growing up, so it was much later, through chance exposure to makeup artists, that I realized makeup takes practice and technique, and it's not just for covering spots. I now drool over the perfectly matched winged eyeliner. 

Velvet Presley

Yes, doing promotions, modeling and a YouTube channel. I took them up by accident in a way... I was asked to do these things and decided to give them a whirl and enjoyed doing them.

- Ruby Feldman, Ruby’s Musings

I have developed a passion for sewing due to my vintage style. When I first started dressing this way, the Mccalls pattern company had just issued out a few reproductions of their retro patterns, so a 1940s dress was my introduction to sewing. Did it come out good? Absolutely not.
But I loved the process and quickly learned that sewing is a great tool for me because a.) I'm very particular about how I want to look, b.) I am very petite and most ready-to-wear clothes do not fit me right, so now I can tailor my garments and I don't feel so negative about my size anymore and c.) it's a lot cheaper! Vintage reproduction clothes are rather expensive, so I now handmake most of my wardrobe. 
- Jocelyn de Anda, Sewing Siren

Gosh, yes!  I went from a pretty big tomboy to an aspiring glamazon, thanks to vintage.  So pretty much all hair, makeup, and traditionally "girly" appearances were learned from pretty much scratch.  Plus, the more vintage handcrafts I find the more I want to learn.  I've tried knitting, crochet, tatting, embroidery, beading, and obviously sewing.  But I want to learn more!

- Lauren Maringola, Wearing History

Gwen of Gwenstella Made
For me, a skill that resulted from my interest in vintage was blogging. I've always been a fiction writer, but blogging is so much more personal. Like a digital diary for the world to read. But I knew there were others like me out there, and I think it's comforting to network and share ideas and interests.
- Carmen, Vintage Dream Blog

Photography!  At first I utilized my friends to take photos of my outfits for my blog, but then I started to realize I had to figure this out myself to keep it going.  I learned about photography, took some online classes, and now I love having an evening alone where I can put together a makeshift photo set for portraits and experiment.  Now I've done outfit photos, film noir photos, classical art photos, film homage photos... I’ve even ended up doing some freelance wedding photography and engagement shoots, which has been an incredibly fun byproduct.

- Sabrina, Vibrant Vintage

Sewing is a skill that I really took on and invested time in as a result of my love for vintage. Often, it's much easier and economically-viable to sew your own dress than to hunt down a true vintage piece that fits your body and is kind to your bank balance!

- GwenGwenstella Made

What new skills have you developed as a result of your interest in vintage? Did you purposely try to cultivate them or did they just pop up as a result of opportunities along the way?

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