Lately... Fun Times & Outfits

WHEW, I have been going at it pretty fast these last few weeks!  At the end of June I went to Alabama for my husband's military officer training graduation, then I came home for a couple days.... And next I road tripped to northern California with a friend and visited for a week.  I just got home last weekend, and I'm back to work this Monday.

My husband, Jacob, is the guy with the flag
All that to say... It's been a little crazy!  I didn't get a chance to get full outfit photos for these past few weeks, but I do have a photo here and there to give you peeks of what I'll photograph more fully later.  I made and fixed up some pieces for these occasions, and they had a great first run, so you'll definitely see them popping up again soon.

While things are slowing down a little for the next few weeks until my husband gets home from more military training, I feel like I'll mostly be playing catch up and doing activities that really rejuvenate me.  I'll be working a bit on cleaning the house, and I may have turned the living room into a temporary quilting station so I could watch movies while sewing.... because my husband's not here and I can do what I want, haha!

I'll probably be a bit more active on Instagram and the FS Facebook page because they're a bit easier to handle when I'm busy.  Feel free to chat with me there and keep up with my further happenings!


  1. Would you mind me sharing any of your sewing projects on Sassy Sewing Bees in the future? I link to your post and let you know when, on the post in question .

  2. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! And I absolutely adore your style - back to fifties.
    I am bookmarking your site next to and I am looking forwards to discovering more of your great posts! Thanks!