Vacation Style

I spent the last week at my grandparents' house in the country, and it was a much-needed break!  They live in the country amongst fields and pastures, and one of my favorite things was to sit out on their patio and peruse some new-to-me vintage magazines.  

I love the fashion illustrations!  And while it's always the fancy dresses that inspire awe, sometimes it's the casual looks that get you through the day.  That's what inspired this particular vacation look!  I absolutely love the "soft & sexy" t-shirts from American Eagle Outfitters, the only things I've ever bought in their store.  They're, as labeled, super soft and the drape is nicer than the average t-shirt.  This black one is a staple for me, especially since the length is a tiny bit cropped and perfect for my shorter torso.  (I think this one on the site is the one I've got... mine may be a bit more fitted, though.)

I paired this comfy t-shirt with some flats and my 1930s khaki clam diggers.  I took these photos with only basic makeup on and wrinkles in the trousers, true to vacation laziness!  This is real stuff right here, folks!  

While I do totally love my yoga pants, this vintage-y look is my midway point of effort between them and full-out vintage garb.  I'm sure ladies back in the day had similar looks because everyone needs a chill day.

What's your boring-but-fantastic, sort of vintage-y relaxation style look like?  Or do you, like a lot of us, just swing from yoga pants to full-out vintage depending on the day?


  1. The only pants I own are jeans, so it's usually dresses and skirts here. I love vintage casual looks though. My two go to in winter are either jeans with a long sleeved tshirt, Shetland wool cardigan and pashmina, or thick tights with a heavy wool pleated skirt, and thin black jumper. The last one looks a bit like a 1940s college girl!

  2. I love the capris, with the pleated detail and the buttons. It looks like the perfect outfit to wear on a "day off" :)
    The Artyologist

  3. Yay for petite lady styling tricks - I buy cropped shirts, cardigans and sweaters to get garments that hit me at a nice, not overly long waist length, too. :)

    How wonderful that you were able to spend some time relaxing and savouring the summer at your grandparent's house.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica