Insta-Giveaway and Sale!

The time has come for me to thin the herd... so I'm having an Insta-giveaway and sale this Friday at 11am CST!

There will be vintage clothing, accessories, sewing patterns, home decor, paper goods, Pyrex, and more!  Here are a few sneak peeks of things that will be available:

I'm also going to give away a bunch of freebies throughout the sale, so even if you're watching your budget these days, it would still benefit you to check in during the sale! 

In order to not clog up everyone's IG feed that follows me on my personal account, I've set up a separate sale account that you can follow: FSsaleIG

So tune in this Friday, and if you'd like me to tag you on Instagram as a reminder an hour before the sale starts, comment below with your IG username and I'll be sure to do that!


  1. I'd love a tag if that's ok! @helenmaegreen

  2. Oooo loving the sneak peeks. I'd love a tag as well, please?

  3. A tag here too (@chronicallyvintage), if possible, dear gal. Thank you and best of luck with your sale!

    ♥ Jessica