Monthly Theme: Let Identity Bloom

Flashback Summer: Monthly Theme - Let Identity Bloom

I love this time of year after a cold winter, all the flowers blooming and trees greening up. It seems like I can't be outside enough!  I blog on the porch, eat on the porch, knit on the porch, all things on the porch that I can manage!  (It also helps me not have to stare at our messy house while we pack to move!) 

There are two beautiful trees that I walk past everyday when I go home from work.  I have no idea what kind they are, but their vibrant pink and purple flowers are such a welcome sight after the bare branches of winter.  It makes me think about changing life seasons, about how different I am now than I was five, three, or even just one year ago.  It was only one year ago that I graduated college and got married, but it feels like I've grown exponentially as a person since then!

Now when I was a kid, my mother had me sign a contract (I'm pretty sure it was on a napkin) that stated she warned me that I would probably regret going out wearing far-too-large-for-me, rolled-up-at-the-waist, bright yellow, hugely baggy pants with a tank top that had fruit on it and a Rastafarian-type hat. She had me sign a napkin releasing her of the liability that would inevitably be placed on her when I saw the pictures of myself in later years, exclaiming, "Mother, why did you let me go out like that?!"

And you know what?  That WAS the dumbest thing to wear.  Ever.  Even worse than the homemade Altoid tin utility belts. I totally agree that it was hideous.  However, my mom let me do it.  And somehow the boldness to wear huge yellow pants has morphed over the years into the boldness to wear bright vintage hats, to live in other countries, to marry a military man.  I'm not a different person; I've just found better, less confused ways to express who I am and channeled that independent spirit for good causes.

This month we're talking about things that shape our identities and about allowing ourselves to explore different and possibly more accurate ways to express ourselves. There will be some controversial posts, some great discussions, and I hope that we will learn a bit more of how to accept who we are and love those around us, even if they're different!


  1. You are definitely in that period of finding yourself and personal growth. Any big life change will do that and you've had a couple. It's ok though. I've found that as I've gotten older, I'm getting closer and closer to the real me rather than trying to fit me into some sort of box I've made and that's a good feeling.

  2. That outfit sounds like a hoot, and I would love to see some photos of it. ;) Your mom was awesome for letting you wear it, and even more awesome for having you sign a waiver.

    1. Oh it WAS a hoot. I think there are pics somewhere, but I can't seem to find them! I'm going to search; it's just too good to lose!

  3. I am having such a desperate desire to get outside to work at the moment, just as it is getting really chilly here!

    I agree that your mum is awesome for that signed waiver. I'm going to try to remember that one!

  4. In hindsight, it was a good thing your mom had you sign that paper!

  5. Oh, the things we dared to wear as a teenagers! I have flashbacks to a iridescent silver track jacket, super wide legged jeans, a draw full of spaghetti strap camis, and those can't-believe-this-was-ever-a-thing bra strap necklaces - ohhh, and partial cornrows capped of with miniature butterfly clips. Not all at once mind you, but those were the 90s after all, I'm sure someone partnered them all and looked like she could have just stepped out of (the group) TLC.

    Looking forward to seeing what else you share with pertaining to shaping and honing one's identity this month.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. I was hoping to scroll down to see a picture of the outfit! I think that we continue for all our lives to grow as people, hopefully anyway, as part of the Lord's process of refining us to what He wants us to be.

  7. Haha! I hope when I have children I'll be the type of mom to say, "You are free to go out in whatever you want to wear, as long as it is modest. Your punishment for ignoring any suggestions I may have will be looking at these pictures five years later." Boy, I'm still cringing at my tomboy phase...