Swapping Sunday - Tops

This week's edition features shirts and blouses, a wardrobe staple for all vintage wearers!  I've got several sweaters, a classic button-down, and a race-themed men's/unisex shirt!  If there's anything that you think you might like or would like to know more about, please comment below or email me!  I'm up for swaps and purchases, and if you'd like to know what I'm looking for in trades, you can check out my shop/swap page.  (You can also check there for more swappable/available for purchase items!)
All the prices below do not include shipping to your location.

1950s blouse 1950s blouse
Classic white cotton 1950s blouse - floral embellishment on the back, lace trim, two-way convertible collar (as above, or Peter Pan) - shoulder pads just used for photo, not attached to shirt - bust 36", waist 28" - $35

men's vintage shirt
1950s/60s men's olive racing shirt - has checker flag embroidery on pocket - chest 46" -  $35

vintage sweater vintage sweater
vintage sweaters
tan, pink, and purple 1960s sweater - lambswool, angora, and nylon - "Deans of Scotland," size 40 - bust 38" unstretched, waist 28" unstretched - $40
swirls and flowers 1980s sweater - white with swirls, wooden beads, and flowers on front and sleeves - 100% cotton - marked size Medium - bust 44" unstretched, waist 34" unstretched - $20

vintage sweater vintage sweater
vintage sweaters
classic argyle sweater, 1980s-90s - 100% cotton, marked size 38 bust 37" unstretched, waist 30" unstretched - $20
80s does 40s short sleeved sweater - marked size M, 100% acrylic - bust 38" unstretched, waist 28" unstretched - $20


  1. Perfect fall into summer pieces! I love summer and do wish dearly that it would linger a bit longer this year, but a substantial part of me is rather happy to be able to reach for cooler weather fashions again, too - I've really missed my sweaters and tights! :)

    ♥ Jessica

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