Swapping Sunday - Deadstock Lingerie

Hello everyone!  Since the addition of my new Swap/Shop page, I have decided to start a weekly posting of a couple things available for swap, complete with details, extra photos, and any stories connected to the items that I may know about!

First up for this week, I have a huge assortment of deadstock 1950s and 60s bras and legwear (stockings, pantyhose).

I found all of these at the Red Velvet estate sale (the Springfield shop that used to be owned by Elsie and Emma, the sisters of the A Beautiful Mess blog).  I was elated to find this gold mine!  

These bras go perfectly under 50s and 60s dresses, slips, blouses, etc. and really create the period-accurate "lift and separate" look, along with RIDICULOUSLY good support!  (I've tried them on; seriously, no bra shifting all day with these babies!)  I've noticed with a few of my 1950s slips that they really only sit right with vintage-shaped bras, not our modern rounder shapes.  If you've had a dress that just hasn't fit quite right in the bust, one of these bras may make the difference!  I have a variety of shapes and seaming, some of which can be seen in the pictures.

I'm offering all of these for the prices below (negotiable) + shipping, and, as usual, I'm also open to trades!  (To see what I'm looking for in swaps, you can check out the Swap/Shop page.)  The quantity I have available is listed next to each item as well.

$30 each - Bra Sizes Available:
28AA - 1
32B - 8  (2 sold, 6 available!)
32C - 2
34A - 1
34B - (This one may have been worn) 1
34C - 1
34D - 1  (sold)
36A - 1
36B - 1
38B - 1

$8 each - Panty Hose Sizes and Colors Available:
Size A, fits 5'-5'5" - "War Paint" (red/bergundy) (1)
Size 9 1/2-10 - "Go Brown" (1)
Size 11 1/2-12 - "Go Brown" (1)
Long, fits 5'4"-5'6" - Forest Green (1)
Short, fits 5'-5'3" - Black (has fading, could be re-dyed) (1) - $3

$10 each - Stockings Sizes and Colors Available:
Panty 'n Stems Stockings: I believe, from the package, these are meant to be worn under a legged girdle or matching "panty" that goes over the top of the stocking for a garter-less option.
Short - Taupe (1), Nude (1), 
Medium - Navy, Mascara (darker brown - 1), Sunny (carame - 1l)
Long - Nude (4)

Normal Stockings
8 1/2-11 - Beigine (1)
9 - "Puff of Smoke," seamless, 15 denier, 100% nylon (1)
9 1/2 - "Whisper Neutral Taupe," seamless, 15 denier, 100% nylon (1)
10 1/2 - "Off Black," seamless, 15 denier, 100% nylon (2 in one pack)

If you would like more information, photos, etc. just ask!  I'd be glad to provide them!

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