Introducing.... Pam in the Sand!

Hey friends!  I wanted to introduce a new blogger to all of you: my mother!
She has recently taken some of her old Facebook notes and put them into a blog called "Pam in the Sand", and she's been adding new posts all the time.  The description of her blog is, "The life, times and musings of an American Midwest woman who moves to Northeast Africa".  

Seriously, you will LOVE the stories she puts up.

She's a brilliant writer, and her posts are often hilarious with great application to life.  I know you'll all enjoy them!

So go, read a bunch of her posts write now and check it out!

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  1. How wonderfully exciting! I've always wished my mom would blog as well, but she's not a big computer user at all, so I doubt it will ever happen. Thank you for the introduction to your mom's site, I'm off to enjoy her first posts right away.

    Wishing you and your whole family a joyful August,
    ♥ Jessica