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  • a 24 page picture-filled document of vintage headwrap and headscarf tutorials
  • access to an exclusive online library of Flashback Summer video tutorials that correspond to each style in the book
  • personalized help from me and others in your wrapping endeavors on a members-only blog page



"I really love your blog and this ebook.  What a fantastic resource.  The multicultural aspect is very helpful too."
- Jennifer S.

"I bought your book yesterday and it was an answer to prayer. Due to a traumatic head injury back in late November, I lost all my hair in 21 days in December. Long story, but my daughter is getting married in March and I was having a hard time finding something dramatic and 'me' to wear.  I love the big bow turban."
- Alene S.

"OMG!  I LOVE [Vintage Wraps for Classic Ladies]! It's so creative and easy to read!  The pics are just top notch!"
- Emily C.

"First try with the big bow turban. Fun! Thanks for the beautiful book and especially the video. Totally worth it! 
...We have been out of control with the head wrap tying! I am putting head wraps on anybody who sits still long enough!"
- Jenny S.

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  1. Hi Emileigh. I am very tempted, your trailer is amazing, but is it for normal square scarfs? I have a huge collection of such, and dont want to spend money on something extra. Have a nice day. :)

    1. Sanne, the book covers tutorials for both square and rectangle shaped scarves. You'll have options for both throughout the book!

  2. I purchase Vintage Wraps for Classic Ladies. How can I access the e-book?