Vintage Wearers Speak: When do you NOT wear vintage styles?

Flashback Summer: Vintage Wearers Speak - When do you NOT wear vintage?

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Q: When do you NOT wear vintage styles? What modern clothing is in your closet?

I don't wear vintage at the gym or for things like hiking (see the picture above). I don't want it to get messed up, and there's a reason fitness wear for women has progressed so far since the 1940s! I've also tended to wear a lot more t-shirts than a woman in the 40s would have, but they're comfortable and still have a vintage vibe with the right jeans and accessories. I also, at this point in my life, don't often lounge in vintage. I don't have a lot of vintage loungewear, but I'd sure like to remedy that in the future!
- Emileigh 

When I'm asleep or exercising. I did wear vintage pajamas to bed for a while, but honestly, they're just not as comfortable as modern organic cotton. I also no longer wear vintage shoes very often as my focus shifts from fashion to comfort as I get older. I have two or three blouses that are modern (but still thrifted), but other than that, everything in my closet is vintage. I just can't justify buying modern clothing these days, thinking about how it was made and the comparative lack of quality at my price point, though there are a few independent makers I would love to and plan on supporting when I can afford it.
- Jessica Parker, @noaccountingfortaste

When I am shopping for jeans and hosiery, I tend to buy modern. Actual vintage hosiery can be hard, I often buy vintage inspired hosiery at Anthropologie. I prefer modern jeans because they compliment my figure better than vintage jeans. For my wardrobe, I mostly look for vintage dresses, skirts, blouses, and jackets. I wear leather boots every day and mostly buy from heritage brands like Redwing, Frye, or Doc Marten. For sustainability, it is really important that my shoes last, so I polish them and have them resoled as needed.
- Gianina, Well-Loved

Right now I only really wear my vintage style on weekends and special occasions. I normally wear jeans and nice shirts for my everyday clothes because my job is labor based. My dream is to have a wardrobe of World War II style women’s factory wear for work.
- Deanna, @nostalgia_a_la_mode

As I type my response to this question, I’m currently wearing gym clothes as I am on my way to work out shortly. I have several modern pieces of clothing in my closet because sometimes wearing vintage or reproduction is not always an option. For example, I like to travel and when I went to Vietnam where it was very hot trying to keep a vintage look was impossible (at least for me) so I bought modern shorts and t-shirts and my hair was in a ponytail the whole trip. However, when I go modern for things like travelling or a job interview I will try to add something to my look that reflects my true style. Like a kitschy brooch or a hair flower. 
- Liz Gruening Hay, The Vintage Inn

Geeky T-shirts, hoodies and uniglo jeans. Some other modern pieces that struck my fancy for some reason or another. Also, gym clothes... Clothes to mow the lawn in...
- Lizzy, @iamlizzybits

I don't usually dress in a true vintage style when I am at home, with the hair and makeup and everything. When I'm sitting at my work desk, doing chores, or curling up on the sofa, I want to be comfortable and, to be honest, unless I am going out I don't really dress up in my "good" clothes. When I'm at home, my outfits have a nod to vintage style, but aren't truly vintage, as I often wear house dresses, cotton knee length skirts, t-shirts, and my favourite pair of harem pants!
- Nicole, The Artyologist 

I’m always wearing vintage styles. There are some occasions in which I wear less colors or accessories, but I wear vintage every day. In my closet I have many basic jeans and bands t-shirts.
- Rafaella, Império Retrô

For me, the better question would be: when DO you wear vintage? Most days I am a t-shirt and shorts kind of girl. I try to be authentically vintage for events, and when dressing up for meetings go for a classic professional look that sometimes leans towards modern meets vintage, but most days you see a girl rather lazy with her day to day clothes.
- Sarah, Sew Characteristically You

My lazy day clothing (leggings, sweats, and soft sweaters) are all very much so modern, and not even vintage inspired, and those are what I normally sew in. I also have modern jeans. Most of my closet is actually modern clothing, but mostly vintage inspired, and mostly made by me.
- Katherine FunkThe Modiste

What about you?  Do you wear vintage every day, or are you a special-events-vintage kind of person? Do you lounge in vintage or keep it for the public?


  1. I have to follow a strict and very corporate dress code for work, so I love any chance that I get to wear my vintage! My loungewear is modern, though, and I rarely wear vintage for biking - it's just not practical.

    1. Me too!! And I agree on the outdoor stuff, it REALLY isn't practical.