Lately... Fun Times & Outfits

WHEW, I have been going at it pretty fast these last few weeks!  At the end of June I went to Alabama for my husband's military officer training graduation, then I came home for a couple days.... And next I road tripped to northern California with a friend and visited for a week.  I just got home last weekend, and I'm back to work this Monday.

My husband, Jacob, is the guy with the flag
All that to say... It's been a little crazy!  I didn't get a chance to get full outfit photos for these past few weeks, but I do have a photo here and there to give you peeks of what I'll photograph more fully later.  I made and fixed up some pieces for these occasions, and they had a great first run, so you'll definitely see them popping up again soon.

While things are slowing down a little for the next few weeks until my husband gets home from more military training, I feel like I'll mostly be playing catch up and doing activities that really rejuvenate me.  I'll be working a bit on cleaning the house, and I may have turned the living room into a temporary quilting station so I could watch movies while sewing.... because my husband's not here and I can do what I want, haha!

I'll probably be a bit more active on Instagram and the FS Facebook page because they're a bit easier to handle when I'm busy.  Feel free to chat with me there and keep up with my further happenings!

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  1. Would you mind me sharing any of your sewing projects on Sassy Sewing Bees in the future? I link to your post and let you know when, on the post in question .